Custom Orders

We offer custom, personalized Neon LED Lights created to the style you would like. If you would like a quota on a light you are interested in, please email To determine the price of your custom sign, please provide the following information:

For LED lamps:

  1. Clear, detailed reference photo or screenshot only including the specified object or scene 

Requirements for large installations:

  1. Estimate height and width (please make sure its appropriate for the dimensions of the sign you are looking for)
  2. Type of Background: Black Acrylic or Transparent Acrylic
  3. Background Cut: Cut to shape, rectangle, circle/oval
  4. Number of Signs: X amount
  5. Colors you would like the sign in (red, yellow, blue, etc.)
  6. Location: Mounted on a wall (indoors), hung from a display (indoors), mounted outside (outdoors)
  7. Detailed description of the words (or phrases)
  8. A design or logo, if applicable 
  9. Your address (country, city, and zip code)

We offer free international shipping on all custom designs. Shipping times and order tracking vary based on location, but they typically take around 4 weeks. If you are ordering from outside the United States, please state the country in which you live in the email so we can use the appropriate power outlet. Please give our customer support team 2-3 days to provide you with a response, thank you.