Bakugo Katsuki With Arms Crossed From My Hero Academia 3D Neon Light

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Bright 3D Anime Neon Light Perfect For Any Room

Main Features:

Lighting: Using low voltage LED bulbs, the light emits a warm, soothing glow that is nice on the eyes and does not create residual heat. The average lifespan of the LED is around 10,000 hours, ensuring that you will receive high quality light for years to come!

Remote Control: Features 16 different colors that can be changed using the easy to use remote control

Base: The desk light has a strong plastic base holding the power box, where the AA batteries can be placed, and a USB port where you can plug in the cord to power the desk light. The light fixture attaches seamlessly to the base and is made of a durable acrylic that will prevent denting or cracking. 

Power Source: The desk light is USB powered with an extendable cord to allow you to place your light on any surface. Additionally, the base has a container where you can put 3 AA batteries to power the light if necessary. The switch board is simple and easy to use. 

Packaging: To ensure safe delivery, we have wrapped our products in a protective film and styrofoam layer

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